The Tamar Valley

The area around the river Tamar hosts some of Cornwall and Devon’s most spectacular scenery which is recognised through its designation as an area of outstanding natural beauty. With SSSI’s, nature reserves, and world heritage mining sites it is a truly unique place.

The View of Gunnislake from the top of Morewell Rocks in the Tamar Valley

Exploring the Tamar Valley

With such a large area covering such a range of sites and activities we are putting together the map below with links to as many of the different areas as possible. There is an entire website dedicated to the Tamar Valley here.

Large sections of the area are open to the public both on foot and by cycling. Check out the Tamar Trails website for detailed information on some of the dedicated paths.

A video I made showing the southern end of the Tamar Valley

A World Heritage Site

The remains of Cornwalls mining industry are a World Heritage Site, including the remains that are scattered throughout the Tamar Valley.

Old Cornish Mine Building
An old inclined plane at Newquay
Some of the old mine buildings at Newquay

Morewellham quay provides an oppertunity to see what life was like in the mines and features a ride through a real mine on a minature train.

There is also a public footpath along the railway tracks at Morewellham Quay


Yellow Wagtail with insects in its beak
Grey Wagtail on a non-tidal part of the Tamar

The Tamar valley is host to a vast array of plants and animals, the diverse range of habitats make this area a great place to see a bit of everything.

I have been told the stretch of the Tamar around Gunnislake is host to Otters, although I’m yet to see one myself. It offers fantastic walks through some very dramatic valley either next to the river, or from high above. Look for Morewell rocks on the map at the top of the page to find the most spectacular views.

Osprey in Cornwall with a fish in talons
If you are super lucky you could even spot a migrating Osprey!