South West Videos

Tamar Valley From The Air

This is my first real video and I’m very happy with the results so far. Shot on a Mavic 2 Pro, that really sparked my interest in moving image. After just shooting a lot of more or less random clips I wanted more of a project to get stuck into. This short video is made up of clips all shot in the Tamar Valley, one of my favourite places on earth. For those who care it was watching the intro to Stockholm Requiem on Channel 4 that made me want to try some aerial videography.

The Mavic 2 Pro is an incredible bit of kit, the stills capability is disappointing, but the video even a complete beginner can produce is truly incredible alongside this it’s also very very easy to fly. If you have been thinking about trying some aerial videography I can’t recommend this little drone enough!

That being said, I sold my M2P to fund a new camera which has also been fantastic. I wanted something that is good for both videos and stills, as after flying the M2P I thought that video was pretty easy – it’s not, it was just anything shot from above on the silky smooth M2P looks good!

Anyway I now have a camera capable of producing gorgeous 4k video and combined with a telephoto lens I’m hoping to be able to update this page with videos of some of the fantastic wildlife we have in the South West.